A Letter from Sebury CEO Alick to Our Global Clients

A Letter from Sebury CEO Alick to Our Global Clients


Dear Sebury Global Customers,

Many thanks for your support and love to Sebury over the years.

2020 is a particularly unusual year, the global Epidemic is spreading. Please protect yourself and your family. Those of us who are not infected by the epidemic are very lucky people blessed by God. There is no need to be panic even if some of us are infected as long as we have faith. We will overcome the epidemic thanks to God loving us all the time.

Some ideas and suggestions are shared by me as follows, hopes to be useful for you.

1. Protections against the Coronavirus

China was the first Coronavirius spreading country. The decisive action taken by the government effectively controlled the threat of the epidemic. The whole country adopts closed management forbidding the communication between people in communities. All gathering activities are forbidden. Only takeout foods were allowed in restaurants. Schools were closed for online classes. Employees worked at home. In a short period of one and a half months, the epidemic situation is basically controlled. It is reasonable to say the methods are very affective. The

epidemic is very infectious, but the mortality rate is low, so don’t be panic. Under normal circumstances, the epidemic will surely pass after 2 to 3 months. We should try to go out as little as possible, we must wear masks and wash hands frequently when going out. Do NOT go to the places people gathering together. We should stick to patience, we are all blessed and loved by God.


The Dangers and Opportunities

under Global Epidemic Situation


2. Business Suggestions

The situation reminds me of 2008, the year of global financier crisis, in which many enterprises cut orders by 50% to 70% overnight. Our Company was also one of those who were greatly affected. At that time we adopted passive waiting method. Later, I did some serious investigation, the second half of 2008 to 2009, a small number of enterprises had better business than in previous years, which made me understand the meaning of “crisis”, which was not only the danger but also the opportunity.

At the beginning of this year, many enterprises in China were unable to start work normally and I also worked at home, but we did not wait passively at this time.

Half a month earlier than other companies, we received orders from customers

and understood their needs. Some clients with a sense of crisis asked us about our stock situation, directly ordered the products in stock and make the preparation in advance. Our company had been busy since the normal resumption of work. The production department employees worked overtime almost every day and was even busier than in previous years.

Here, What I would like to initially say is we have more chances to get more orders due to having been prepared in advance, while our competitors are still in a state of recovery. In addition, we must believe that the epidemic will pass, but there will be a long period of abnormal operation for many enterprises after the epidemic being past. But now we are completely under normal production, constantly developing new products, improving the enterprise’s internal appearance and quality management, strengthening the staff training, fully learned the experience and lessons of the year 2008 financier crisis. Do NOT wait passively, so I suggest that your company should not only protect yourself during the epidemic, but also make order plan in advance, we will help you make orders when you are isolated at home. After the epidemic, it must be economic outbreak period, you won’t

worry that your warehouse has no inventory when the orders comes to you if you have made preparation in advance so that you can seize the opportunity to make more money.


3.Epidemic Prevention Materials

Our company does not have the qualification to export epidemic prevention

materials, however, there is an urgently needed epidemic prevention material, we

can help to find qualified Chinese suppliers and work together with you to overcome the difficulty. Thanks you very much for reading my letter, and I hope we can seize more business opportunities while frighting the epidemic.


Best regards,



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